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Support for customers under Serenity Contract only :
support@articque.com English support is available only by mail.


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C&D Server

  • To launch C&D server, you must specify the full path : "/appli/cdserver.exe", for all systems. If you try "./cdserver.exe" the software does not start.


  • If you dont see your customized symbols, be sure that you have called cd_load_palette.
  • If you dont see your map, try this :
    • check your access paths
    • check the return code of cd_setdiag or cd_execute
    • check arguments given to cd_setzoom

Password control

  • To know if the password has been found and accepted, call cd_getlicence.
  • For developers, cartoextension may also find the password through a network licence manager. No matter how many clients you have, there is only one password.