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Cartes & Données Software Suite
User Guide Cartes & Données
Samples Cartes & Données (vers 4.0 in French)
Technical Reference Cartes & Données
Cartes & Données Personal Edition
Complementary tools
C&D Num
Add or modify points lines surfaces on your maps or from a drawing
C&D Géocode
Convert your addresses in map and statistics
C&D Puzzle
The map extractor
Multicartes (in french)
The map generator
The licence manager
Network licences
Deployment range
C&D Web (in French)
Interactive cartography and webmapping
Carto-Extensions (vers 4.0 in French)
Carticque France (*)
Carticque EPCI (*)
Carticque Belgique
Carticque Europe des Populations
Carticque Monde
Carticque Postal
Carticque Cantons
Carticque Circonscriptions
Carticque Circonscriptions Prud'homales
Carticque Zones Urbaines
Carticque Pharma
Map databases
(*) : also available in Lambert conic 93 projection
Carticque Atlas
New drawings for your maps
Europe des Populations
  Beginner's help
Demographic and cartographic database on 113 000 europeans communes
La France électorale
Statistical database on french electoral results and associated electoral maps
Data Collection - France
1400 communal level indicators about France

Documentations in PDF format
Use the "Save as" function of your browser to download the following PDF documents
  Cartes & Données user guide - Cartes & Données samples
  Cartes & Données Technical reference
  C&D Géocode
  C&D Puzzle

Warning : this online documentation can differ from the documentation provided with the software